What We Do

We focus on urban infill development in the housing, mixed-use and health care market segments.

We explore new technologies and employ meaningful strategies to contribute to healthier communities. Some examples of those strategies are:


Built the first large-scale, fully automated robotic parking system on the west coast of the United States. The parking garage needed to support a 50,000sf medical facility which had intensive parking demands. By designing and installing a fully automated robotic parking system, we were able to provide the required parking spaces in 1/2 of the square footage of a conventional garage and 1/3 of the volume.


Roof Farm

Committed to designing and building a commercial-scale rooftop farm atop a residential building. The rooftop farm will provide over 12,000 gross square-feet of growing space. The rooftop farm will be the first of its kind in California and will yield approximately 32,000 lbs of produce annually.  This equates to enough fresh vegetables for every daily meal for an estimated 160 people.



Bought a factory and started NEMO Building Systems to manufacture modular buildings. We can reduce the industry standard material waste by 90%, improve the quality of our buildings, and minimize the impacts associated with site-built construction techniques.